World Media News Blackout: Debris Field from Nibiru Planet X Already Arriving on Earth: Exclusive Amateur Video Evidence

Posted: June 9, 2010 in Planet X Nibiru Astronomy
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Debris from the imminent close approach of Brown Dwarf Planet X Nibiru to our planet, accompanied by it’s moons,  is already entering the earth’s atmosphere, falling as huge meteors / asteroids on 4 different continents. Vidoes of these enormous streaking meteors which have lit up the sky as bright as daylight have been taken by stunned amateurs around the world, who have grappled with the implications.

This urgent breaking news and these amateur videos are being suppressed in the USA mainstream, as they presume that TV viewers seeing these events will  panic. It is my belief that suppressing these kinds of astronomy related warning signs deprives the world citizenry of the information they need to intelligently prepare for what is coming. Watch these videos, then decide. Would you rather know about this ahead of time, or be surprised by it all, and crushed to death with no prior warning?

Chase Kyla Hunter Originally posted 02.08.2010

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