Barack Obama Riptides Continue: Fake It Til You Make It Leadership Style Not Working

Posted: June 11, 2010 in American Truth Movements, Hollywood Celebrities, The Obama Presidency

6.11.2010 By Chase Kyla Hunter       

22 is the new 12. 32 is the new 22. The Duh generation may tweet with finesse, but they are clueless when it comes to electing qualified presidents.    

Never allow children to do what mature adults should be doing instead, such as electing the leader of the free world. Every mature American knows that the way Barack Obama made it to the White House was on the massive internet led youth vote, age 18-28, specifically the techno-web savvy tweeting, bleeting, ipod bouncing, cell phone addicted jackass Johnny Knoxville emulating, immature facebooking American youth, God bless them, who are fairly politically clueless themselves, and have literally not lived long enough to know what great presidents of the past have done, and therefore failed to recognize this inexperienced opportunist and socialistic narcissist.   

They were innocent: swooned by his good looks, the fact that he danced on Ellen’s daytime talk show, gave rousing fiery speeches, seemed like Jesus  to them, and looked great in Gucci suits. That’s about where it ended.    

I am in my 50s. I have seen many presidents come and go. As national leaders go, this man in the White House leaves much, very much to be desired. He is emotionally flat when emotions are needed, and he continues to give imploring speeches as if he was still running for office, rather than sitting in the White House as an incumbant. His main talent in fact, seems to be giving speeches, not governing, for which he has little natural talent and instead shows a pronounced tendency to minimize his own failures, pointing fingers repeatedly to the recent past instead.    

The Obama presidency has slipped from “hope and change” to “cope and pray” for mainstream America.       

 Obama has veered so far off course in his first year and a half [it’s the economy mister-heads up, wake up – and bring our children home from Iraq and Afghanistan, like you promised us you would!] that one wonders just how much further “off course” and into the wilderness of far left field he intends to take America in the next 2 years.    

 The arm twisting passage of Obamacare over the outraged cries of a nation whose majority was dead set against socialized medicine has soured even those early Obama supporters who were willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt during his first two years in office, while he learned how to govern the greatest nation on earth.  Barack Obama is not governing America, he appears instead to be intent on ruining it. Can this legislative ruination be stopped before it gets any worse?    

 I am more certain than ever that my original assessment of the man back in early 2008 was correct. He is a left wing college professor, who has not the slightest clue as to how to lead a nation and be a leading example for the world. He lacks the fundamental character and skills needed to lead this nation, and I am willing to say it out loud without fear. The king is wearing no clothes, and I am not blinded by his useless Hollywood star power or his equally useless good looks and shiny white teeth.  And then there is his useless an unearned Nobel Peace prize for “popularity with the youth of the world” which is his main claim to fame, to be blunt.    

 Were it not for the fact that Obama is more or less continually propped up by the left wing arcade in the American media, both tv, radio and print, he would have already inspired even more ridicule at home and abroad. And were it not for the brains of the routinely vulgar Rahm Emmanuel and a few others, his floundering presidency would have run straight onto the “train wreck tracks” even sooner than it seems to be heading now.      

It’s a real and genuine tragedy for America that we cannot thus far find an impeachable offense that is airtight enough legally to remove this man from the White House, and suffer through two and one half years of Joe Biden until 2012 gives intelligent adults in America, [not MTV kids and the clueless ipod generation, endearing as the young technocats are to us all] an opportunity to put a real leader into the White House who actually reflects and upholds solid American values of the irate majority, instead of reflecting the intentions of the fringe left wild woods and the extreme radical beliefs of about 10 percent of the nation’s spooky political odd balls, like Van Jones.    

 And guess what? I did not need Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh to tell me any of this. I was writing about who and what Barack Obama was before he was even a blip on the radar of the mainstream tv and radio media. They have all been playing catch up for at least 2 years now.      

 Pray for our country because we are really, truly in deep trouble. We have a man in the White House  – illegally – who has utterly no idea how to lead this country, further he really has no idea who this country really is, or what most Americans really believe in and hold dear. Every new calamity just drives the point home again and again. Barack Obama is lost in the White House, and even the far radical left who supports him cannot help him to find his presidential footing.    

CK Hunter       







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