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6.18.2010 Citizen Journalist Videos Posted By CK Hunter

It would not surprize me if someone from the New Orleans mafia should decide to put out a discreet “hit” on Tony Hayward. Now that we know he is a Bilderberger, we understand EXACTLY why his disposition wreaks of “I don’t give a damn about American shores” – no matter what his lying mouth says. Looks like it’s open season on Tony Hayward here in the states. The cat is out of the bag. My advice to you, Hayward is to put on your bullet proof vest and hard hat. You sir, are NOT safe in America anymore.

Chase Kyla Hunter


6.16.2010 Updated by Chase Kyla Hunter

Where is Ross Perot when you need him?

There is only 10.9 trillion dollars total  in circulation in the entire money supply of the United States of America. The federal debt is now approaching 23.5 trillion. These numbers do not add up.

Now that the Obama White House’s Obamacare has been passed, the national debt will soar to 23.5 trillion dollars at least, in the next 34 to 8 years. It took the first 154 years of the existence of America as a nation to spend that same amount of money. Only an impeachment and a massive replacement of all D.C. incumbents will avert a national financial calamity from which there is no recovery.

As the oil roars up out of the ocean floor in the gulf, the Federal Reserve gushes debt at just about the same volume, an ironic point not lost on me as I observe the unravelling of the country. Both of these manmade disasters are of potentially “biblical” proportions, and they both portend biblical levels of future tragedy for our nation if they are not stopped.

Barack Obama has spent more money in 2 years than has been spent in the last 154 years. Doesn’t that fact bother enough Americans that they will take action in November by voting congressional incumbents out of office? Should Barack Obama finally be impeached? Is incompetence an impeachable offense? How far do the disasters and calamities need to go before the American people take action?

Barack Obama has never owned, run or operated a business one single day in his entire life. We have never had a more clueless spendthrift as a commander in Chief. Neither have we ever had a president so disinclined to actually lead when leadership is so desperately needed. It’s disturbing.

To make matters worse, Obamacare legislation also has a hidden clause written into it mandating a “national healthcare identification number”  for every American. This is the last nail they want to drive into your coffin which will eventually lead to mandatory human RFID chipping if it is not stopped.

RFID chips cause cancer, tumors, boils and they can be lost in the body and never retrieved. They are literal death chips. RFID chips are the prophesied Mark of the Beast foretold in the Christian Book of Revelations.

If Barack Obama is not stopped, he will destroy what is left of this nation. I believe we need to impeach Barack Obama, while we still can. This is what we must do to save this country. Contact your congressional representatives and let them know how you feel. Speak out. We have little time left. And VOTE in November. Your country needs for you to speak out and bring a different kind of “change” to America. We need to take back our country. And we need to do it this year.

Chase Kyla Hunter

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6.9.2010 re-posted by the Internet Reporter

Kevin Costner sells 32 oil spill machines to BP to recycle 6 million gallons of water a day (photos)

Wednesday, Kevin Costner presented his oil spill solution to Congress and demonstrated his machine that separates oil from water with a 99.9% success rate. Actor, Kevin Costner said that he was inspired by the Exxon-Valdez oil spill in 1989 to come up with an idea that would safely separate oil from water, and over the years he has spent $20 million on the machine and the patent for it.

“There’s been some question as to why I’m here,” Costner told the House Energy and Environment subcommittee on Wednesday. “I want to assure everyone here it’s not because I heard a voice in a cornfield,” Costner said joking about the Field of Dreams movie he made several years ago.

Costner said that over the years he has had a difficult time getting any interest in buying the machines. He said he performed for the Coast Guard, private companies, and the government, but no was interested.

“My enthusiasm for the machine was met with apathy,” said Costner.

But in May, BP asked for 6 of Costner’s machines to be flown to the Gulf to be tested. And now BP has ordered 32 more of the machines because they have an almost 100% success rate in separating oil from ocean water. The machines, marketed by Ocean Therapy Solutions suck up the oily water and recycle the water. 32 machines will process about 6 million gallons of water each day.

Costner said “that as long as the oil industry profits from the sea, they have an obligation to protect it.” He went on to say that the cleaning devices “should be on every ship transporting oil, they should be on every derrick, they should be in every harbor.”

“There’s 33 platforms that are shut down,” said Costner. “We can put Americans back to work and bring into the 21st century the technology of oil spill recovery.”

To see a video of how the device works, click here.

Last Friday, Obama cancelled his business trip to Asia and headed back down to the Gulf Coast. Thursday night, Obama told Larry King that he was “furious with the entire situation.” For more on that story, click here.

To see incredible photos of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, click here.

To see photos taken recently of the oil spill that hit the Louisiana coastline and the wildlife it has affected, click here.

Recently, a new video of the gushing oil had many of the investigative teams calling BP untrustworthy because more oil was leaking from the well then they originally claimed. For more on that story, click here.

The state of Utah has 28 oil drilling companies throughout the state. Two year ago President Bush allowed oil drilling to be done near two national parks, much to the dismay of many Utah residents. Oil drilling isn’t considered safe in the US, and without the safety requirements for oil drilling that other countries require, residents near the oil drilling are typically distraught.

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Source: Houston Chronicle

Joran van der Sloot says he killed Flores because she researched Natalee Holloway’s death (photos)

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